Meet Dr. James E. Watson

James Watson, DDS

I love the relationships built with my patients. Listening to my patients’ stories and understanding their dental needs helps me tailor choices unique to each person. Knowing that our patients will be taken care of while having a good experience is what our team strives for. My staff is the best I have ever worked with: loyal, committed, skilled, and considerate.

My Path to Dentistry

As a young man on the verge of making decisions regarding higher education and career, the advice I received from my father emphasized independence and the satisfaction that is derived from serving others. From the Chinese community in which I was raised, I was shown the value of participating in a discipline that was always developing, improving, and that offered the opportunity for continual learning. I also observed how important it was to enjoy one’s work—to find it engaging.

As a Regents Scholar from UC Berkeley, I entered the UCSF School of Dentistry. After earning my Doctorate of Dental Surgery, I spent a postgraduate year interning at UCSF Moffitt Hospital. When I assumed a practice in the West Portal district of San Francisco, I felt very fortunate: I could maintain my connections with UCSF, practice dentistry, teach, and work independently in an exceptionally diverse, interesting, and beautiful city. It’s now been 30 years of a wonderful career, and one I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Continuing to Pursue Excellence

Naturally, being in general practice means dedication to ongoing professional development, due to the challenges and advancements in the improvement of dental care. Continuing education offers the opportunity to collaborate with the best and brightest in the field of dentistry, and to stay on top of new and emerging disciplines.

I have maintained continued association with the Seattle Study Club, the Spear Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the International Team for Implantology. I have had many years of training from University of Washington professors in periodontics and reconstructive dentistry, and also at UCSF in endodontics and TMD. I am a life member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and San Francisco Dental Society.

In addition to sustaining my solo practice, I have sought out opportunities to donate my time and skill to underserved populations yearly, most particularly to the Flying Samaritans, and to Los Medicos Voladores in various Mexican villages on the Baja peninsula. I have also served the Alliance for Smiles, a cleft lip and palate surgical team, on missions to China. These experiences have challenged me in providing dental care under very limiting circumstances. Further, these trips have reinforced my belief in the importance of teaching dental hygiene as an essential part of dental practice.

Outside the Office

I live in the East Bay, and I am fortunate that my two grown children have also made the Bay Area their home. I am passionate about hiking, backpacking, and international traveling, and have backpacked in Europe, the Himalayas, and across the western and southwestern US. Travels have taken me to Asia, India, Africa, Central and South America, and many European countries. Among my interests when at home, I am a sports fan of local teams.

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