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“I have been Dr. Watson’s patient for 24 years. I appreciate his professionalism and am confident in his skilled work and artistry. Dr. Watson participates in continuing education, which keeps him current with the latest innovations in dentistry. Going to my dentist is a pleasurable experience!” — Dorothy S.

“Two years ago, I had orthodontic work and jaw surgery. The final phase of my dental work required Dr. Watson’s services. He spent time fitting my veneers and crown, and made sure the color matched my natural teeth perfectly. The final phase involved hours of his time to level my bite — something that many dentists do not want to spend time doing. He has been my dentist for more than 14 years … you will not find a better dentist than James Watson! My perfect smile is evidence of his excellent work!” — Carolyn J.

“I had a very positive experience having dental implant crowns placed by Dr. Watson last year. He addressed all of my questions beforehand, the procedure went well, and I am happy with my new implants. I would definitely recommend Dr. Watson for this procedure.” — Jonathan W.

“I had my teeth restored in 1999. I cannot say enough on how happy and satisfied I have been with them. Dr. Watson’s restoration has improved my chewing and comfort, not to mention my big full smile. We worked hard together and now you can still see the beautiful and wonderful results!” — Sarah H.

“My results with Dr. Watson were great. I am very pleased.” — Boris G.

“I can confidently recommend Dr. Watson to all of my friends and family. I have appreciated his sincere guidance and concern regarding my teeth over the years, and am truly grateful for all that he has done. He is a consummate professional who continually strives for excellence!” — Patrick C.

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