What Sets Us Apart

When you are our patient, Dr. Watson and his long-term care team make it about you. We want to know what makes you unique and to learn about your desires and concerns.

We are relationship based. We will listen. We will always provide options. We will hear your choices. We will make sure you are comfortable and feel secure.

Our Dedicated Team of Experts

Dr. Watson will not compromise his quality of care and his is sensitive to the occasional situation that requires a referral to a specialist to address a unique patient need.

With his knowledge, experience, attention to detail, his eye for beauty, he is willing to accept professional input from his team of specialists who work together to deliver excellent care.

When a periodontist (Dr. Greg Conte), orthodontist (Dr. Rodney Lee), oral surgeon (Dr. Dean Duncan and Dr. Eric Sharf), and endodontist (Dr. Ralan Wong) collaborate face to face, you benefit in receiving the best and most comprehensive care dentistry has to offer.

Our dental hygienists all have over 25 years of experience in prevention and periodontal treatment. You will find them extremely knowledgeable and warm. They will perform gentle and thorough cleanings as you learn how to improve your home care.

During your first few appointments at our office, we will fulfill your expectations and you will become more aware of our commitment to total patient care.

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